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My Mission

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Here at Wild Kitchen,  I want to help you reconnect with the food on your plate and get excited about cooking for yourself and your loved ones . Let's take the stress and intimidation out and bring play into your kitchen! My classes are a laid back experience full of laughter and encouragement. 

Plant-based eating is no longer a rebellious, controversial diet. It is proven to be amazing for your health and crucial for the health of our planet moving forward. I am not here to convert you to a certain diet, but to show you how easy and delicious it can be to integrate more plant-based meals into your everyday eating.

I am here for you. To bring new, healthy recipes into your home. Cooking side by side, I will offer tips and tricks, answer questions and help you create beautiful meals that will knock your socks off.


Lets cook together, so we can reconnect with the food in front of us, the friends and family we share it with, the ingredients around us, and the planet that supplies them for us.

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