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"Brittany is great. She's got a lot of passion about what she does and is an excellent teacher and communicator"


"Fun and would highly recommend to others. Made tasty meals within a relaxing and engaging class. Brittany is a wonderful chef and helped us learn some great new cooking techniques. Thank you!" - Sita

"Brittany visited our home and taught us three different recipes- all delicious! She gave helpful hints along the way and let us choose our level of involvement. She was so easy to talk to throughout the afternoon and took the intimidation out of cooking. Definitely recommend to others & we will be taking a class with Brittany again!

P.S. we made the best eggplant parm!" - Maigan

"I had a class with Brittany last week and it was such an awesome experience! She was so supportive every step of the way and made it all so easy. She sent me a grocery list (including telling me where certain ingredients were located in the grocery store! great for my anxiety) and gave me suggestions on alternatives to suit my tastes. The actual cooking (which is usually a HUGE stressor for me) was fun and informative - she walked me through each step but also let me do most of the hands-on work to get some practice. The food we made turned out AMAZING and now I have a recipe I can play around with to get some real practice cooking. I would recommend doing a class with her not only to vegans/vegetarians but to anyone who is nervous or apprehensive in the kitchen." -Lindsay

"Britt is an amazing chef, who came into our home and taught my husband and I how to prepare three different dishes. They tasted so good and we have added these recipes to our meal rotation. Reach out to her, and she will share her knowledge and skills with kindness"

"Chef Brittany is talented, professional and a pleasure to work with. She has the capability of articulating a vision through food—but it doesn’t stop there. Brittany provides helpful feedback about planning, timelines and themes for whatever event or dinner party you’re trying to plan. Brittany is coming to our home for a second time in March 2022 and we are thrilled. I highly recommend Chef Brittany and I can’t wait to plan many more dinner parties with her." - Kaylah

"Highly recommend cooking with Brittany! I hired Brittany for Meal Prep Mondays and had SO MUCH fun. I am an omnivore, but I love discovering plant-based meals and Brittany came with a couple of delicious recipes for us to cook up. I learned some new cooking techniques, had great chats with Brittany, and had a boatload of meals to last the week. I will definitely be booking her again and can't wait to hire her for a co-hosted dinner party - she's simply the best!" -Shannon

" I highly recommend hiring Brittany! I have had her come to my place twice so far, we made some tasty meals (that I've made again on my own with confidence and ease!) Can't wait to have her come back again soon!" - Holly

"We just had *the most* lovely experience with Brittany from @wild.kitchn! We had so much fun and the food tasted amazing.

Tonight we chose Pad Thai and Tom Yum soup (two of our absolute favourites) and we will absolutely be doing this again.

We weren’t sure really what to expect but if it’s not something you’ve done, we highly recommend giving a personal cooking class a try (for your family or a whole group, how cool is that?!) We learned so many great tips and tricks and the whole experience was incredibly fun and informative"

- Tiffany

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